About Vegan Vibez

100% Vegan Entertainment company!!

– A family friendly 100% Vegan food festival, that will present the best Vegan food around the nation.

– All Natural Plantbased Healthy Products

– A social media App that allows you to find Vegan friendly restaurants and share your experiences with community.

– A Plantbased lifestyle promoter to inform the public about healthier alternatives via Documentaries, Events and classes

Join the fun!!

The #1 Vegan Festival in the Nation!!!

Saturday June 19th, 2021 | 11am – 7pm CDT

Aveva Stadium, 12131 Kirby Dr. Houston, Tx 77045


Vegan Vibez team are true believers that Health is Wealth. We encourage healthy Natural alternatives Vs man made chemicals. All our products are 100% Plant Based and pride ourselves about it.

Vegan Vibez App

Come join the fun and be apart of the Vegan Vibez Community. Imagine merging Snapchat and Yelp together. You will be able to find great Vegan friendly restaurants with ratings from your peers. How about checking to who else chose the restaurant at the same time to meet new friends. Need a new Vegan Bae? Well we also have a dating side to. This app will surely provide you the tools and support groups you need on your vegan journey.

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